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Engage new customers by showing them ads that resonate with the content they are already consuming. Contextual targeting looks at the category or keywords of the current page a consumer is viewing and then serves them ads that are highly relevant to that content. So, viewers only see ads they’re interested in, and you only serve valuable impressions to the right viewers.

  • Keyword Contextual Targeting: Create your own contextual category by uploading keywords that define the pages where you want your ad to appear. Bid, report, and optimize based on each keyword to attain optimal performance.
  • Category Contextual Targeting: Target ads on pages that fall into one or more of 300 contextual categories defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Gain visibility on how each contextual category is performing and optimize to CTR, CPC, or CPA.
  • Keyword/Category Contextual Combination: Target only pages that contain your selected keywords and have been classified into one of your selected categories. Combination targeting works great for targeting keywords with multiple meanings.